Kaity and Cody

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How We Met

Cody: It might’ve been my hometown, but everything was new and different. I was a college graduate and a newly licensed registered nurse. I was starting a new job at Cook Children’s Medical Center; my first job as a nurse. I was to be a nurse resident on the surgical services track. I would join a group of other new nurses in different tracks, and we would have classes together every few weeks for a year to help us grow into confident nurses. Today was day one. I parked in the garage, on the top floor. I had a great view of downtown. I remember making my way to the auditorium and sitting with a multitude of girls. I was the only guy…I thought I would get at least one bro, but no. I distinctly remember a very pretty, cute, and beautiful blonde girl sitting a seat over from me. “Hi, how are you? I’m Cody by the way. Hi! Kaity!”

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I learned she went to Tarleton State in Stephenville, Texas, and I learned she was just as sarcastic and funny as she was pretty. In one of our classes, we had to do a team-building exercise where I was tasked with having the instructions to a set of legos, and the rest of the team only had the parts but not the big picture or instructions. I had to help them build the end product. Kaity was on that team, and we ended up doing the opposite of what we should have built. Our conversation dripped with playful sarcasm.

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Now she’s my fiancée. One day before class I complained that my scrub pants were too long, and I needed to get them hemmed. I remember her scrunching up her face and looking at me and saying “Well why don’t you just…nevermind”. I asked her what I should just do and she nervously laughed and said why don’t you just buy ones that fit you in the first place? It was adorable, and I knew I had to spend more time with her. As we settled into orientation, we went out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant one week after class. As I was paying, Kaity told me she was going to church that night with another resident and said I should join them. I did. Kaity claims that she asked everyone, but I’m still the only one that said yes. I remember going to Anthropology with her and the other resident to kill some time and then Starbucks.

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As I watched her shop and tried to come up with clever jokes, I was mesmerized at how beautiful she was. I wasn’t a super big fan of the church service we went to, and I eventually attended a different church. After a week or so, I convinced her to come with me to this church. She did, and finally, I asked her if she would want to ride with me since she was on my way. (I was so not on the way!) We had lunch after church at my favorite restaurant, The Woodshed. The more time I spent with her the more I knew she was special. Eventually, we spent more and more time together; watching The Office (my favorite show ever) at her apartment together, eating out together, and church. We saw a movie together downtown and then sat in the plaza and drank coffee afterward. It was the most fun and relaxed I have ever been in my entire life. This girl was definitely special.

On October 1st, I asked her out on a park bench in the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens.
On November 12 I asked her to be my girlfriend on a park bench by the Trinity River.
On June 16 I asked her to be my wife on a bench by a mountain river in Colorado.

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how they asked

Katy: I thought I was going on a family vacation to Colorado with just my family for the last time before my brother gets married in August, but then I was told my brother had to get on a later flight because of work so I went with just my parents. I was texting Cody throughout the day and he told me he was at work so I wasn’t able to talk to him very much. After checking in to our hotel and hanging out in town, my parents told me we were going to go to a nice dinner that evening so I changed into nice clothes and we left the hotel and went back into town. While in town, we stopped at this coffee shop that Cody told me about.

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We went in so I could get him a coffee mug and look around. When I stepped out onto their back patio, I saw Cody’s parents; they had their phones out and they were pointed at me like they were taking pictures. Then I saw Cody. I started crying immediately, which doesn’t happen often! He came up to me and gave me a note. My birthday was June 17, and he had been giving me notes every day in June telling me things about me that he likes, and this note said: “I like your ring finger”.

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Then he took me to a bench by a river that flowed past the coffee shop’s patio (he asked me to be his girlfriend on a bench by a river in Fort Worth). I sat down on the bench and he took out a Bible he had imprinted with our initials and the date and he read verses from John 13 about Jesus washing His disciple’s feet, and then he washed mine with a basin he had brought; and told me that he will always strive to serve me and be there for me through life’s ups and downs.

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Then, he stood me up, knelt down, pulled a box out of his pocket, and opened it to reveal a diamond ring and asked me to marry him. So turns out my brother was never coming and Cody flew me to Colorado for the weekend to make it the most epic proposal ever!

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