Kaitlynn and Josh

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How We Met

Josh and I met at West Virginia University (WVU) We were both part of the community service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega (APO). We were friends for four years before we started dating. He was my pledge class educator and one of the first people I met when I pledged. Over the years, we grew closer, hanging out in the same friend group. He hosted these APO dinners on Mondays. He’d invite everyone over and we’d all make a large family style dinners. Every week a few volunteers would make family recipes since a lot of us had different backgrounds. We bonded over our love of cooking and the TV show Scrubs. As our friendship grew closer, I was there for him when he needed someone to confide in, and when I was going through a rough time, he was there for me. Then a moment came when we were both single, and we found ourselves hanging out every day. When we decided to make it official and started telling people we were together, everyone had the same reaction, “About time.”

how they asked

I should probably start by saying Josh and I have been dating for almost seven years. So, when I say it was a surprise, I really do mean it. Josh decided to sign up for a Tough Mudder two months before the event. Not a lot of time to train for the event for someone whose primary source of exercise has been Dance Dance Revolution his whole life. Josh asked our friend, Jamie, from college if he’d come up and run it with him. Jamie is a firefighter in WV and in pretty good shape. This turns into a mini reunion with Jamie, his girlfriend Ally, our other friend and Jamie’s brother Jan, and Jan’s girlfriend and our other friend Kelsey all coming to visit and watch Josh and Jamie run the Tough Mudder. This wasn’t anything to be suspicious over. We often have friends visit us. We moved from WV to Boston, and love having visitors. Fast forward two months and everyone arrives. Their first day in town I figured we do the Freedom Trail. It’s a great way for people visiting the city to get the max exposure to all the historic spots. Plus it’s a great way to be active and have fun. That morning Jan tells me they have a surprise for us to say thank you for letting them crash at our apartment. I told them it wasn’t necessary, but they told us to get in our car and follow them. As we start driving, Josh and I start guessing where we’re going. Is it the Sam Adams brewery? Nope. Is it the Cape? Nope … then I start seeing signs for Provincetown. OH, that must be it! Since that’s about a two-hour drive away, I decided to get an hour or so of sleep. I woke up to the sound of Josh saying, “Uhhhhhh … what.” When I looked out the window we were pulling into an airfield. “SURPRISE! We bought you skydiving!” They all said as I got out of the car. I was shocked and a little mortified, to say the least. I just looked at Josh and he laughed saying, “looks like we’re jumping out of a plane today.” I just kept asking why they would do this? To which they kept laughing and saying they wanted a great way to say thank you and that they think I mentioned once in college that I had always wanted to skydive. I couldn’t remember this, but it also seemed like something I may have said, so I put on a brave face and filled out the 10 pages of release forms. That and they said they wanted to see me scream. That was totally normal for our kind of friendship, so again, nothing to be suspicious over. Especially since Josh seemed just as surprised as I was by all this. When it came time to go up, I went first. The plane was only big enough for one jumper at a time. So, I got on the plane and kept telling myself it would be fine. It would be fine. It would be fine. It would be fine. It was fine. It was better than fine. The air was freezing when they opened the door at 10,000 feet in the air, and every part of you is like, “NO! Do not step out of a moving airplane!” Then you do, and it’s amazing! From your perspective, you actually feel like you’re moving slowly and the view is amazing! But I’m getting off topic. As we got closer to the landing I saw my friends waving and cheering, but no Josh. I assumed Josh had already gone up for his jump. As we landed I pulled my feet up and there was a sudden gust of wind toppling us. Causing myself and the guy I was tandem jumping with to roll on the ground. My butt was killing me. He quickly popped us up and unhooked himself from me. The guy filming us was still recording. I assumed to ask how it was and get some final shots. I turned around and saw a man in a suit. For a split second I assumed it was an insurance person or something since we had a rough landing, then I realized it was Josh. He had changed into a suit and was holding a tiny box. I just kept saying, “Whaaaat?” and doing that thing when you laugh but tear up. Then he proceeded to Then he proceeded to explain why he chose skydiving. Why the best way to propose to me was to push me out of a plane. He said, “I hope you’re surprised. I like to think that you know where this is going. You’re insanely good at figuring things out like that and that’s one of the many things I love about you. Some of those traits: you are incredibly thoughtful, loving, hilariously witty, clever and curious in so ways I couldn’t imagine. So you might be thinking: why this? why skydiving? One of my favorite notes that you wrote to me was about you ‘not just stepping into love but falling into it.’ It reminded me of when I went skydiving. The intense flurry of feelings, physical and emotional, much like being in love. As cliche as that is, that’s what it is to me. And it’s an amazing experience having you in my life and I’m the luckiest man alive. I want to continue the experience of being with you. So much tha Ii want to spend the rest of my life with you. Which is the real reason we’re Which is the real reason we’re here. I want to stop time so we can have forever. But I’m not a genius physicist like Henry or Hubert J Farnsworth. The next best thing that I can do is have you jump out of a plane. Barbaric? Probably. But Special Relativity says your flight through the air at terminal speed for about a minute or so slowed time for a mere trillionth of a second. That you’re a picosecond younger to me, and I’m a picosecond older to you. It might seem insignificant but not to me. I can go on and on about relating our love and lives to math and physics, like knowing you’re the correct solution for me by way of uniqueness theorems and systems of equations but the thing that makes none of that matter is that you are the love of my life and the single most important person to me. I want every single picosecond that I can get with you, even if it means having you jump out of a plane.” Needless to say, I said, “YES!”

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