Kaitlynn and Frank

Image 1 of Kaitlynn and Frankhow they asked: We met through our amazing mutual friend, Hilda, who Frank met in high school and I in college. Because of this, we owe her our first born child.

Our story isn’t a typical “love at first sight” story. It’s often described by friends as Jim and Pam’s relationship on the show, The Office: Frank patiently waited for the love of his life as I obliviously didn’t see that the cute, sweet boy right in front of me was actually my soulmate.

After lots of wondering why he’d persistently ask to go to lunch with me everyday and why he’d drop everything to fix the smallest thing wrong with my computer, the light bulb finally went off in my head.

Now after being best friends, girlfriend and boyfriend, and roommates, we’re excited to add “fiancé” and “husband and wife” to that list.

Turns out, Frank didn’t just fix my computer; he fixed my heart, too.

how they asked: We planned our first trip as a couple to Walt Disney World for the beginning of September 2013. Little did I know that Frank was also planning a surprise proposal, too.

Halfway during our trip, we went to the Magic Kingdom for the 2nd time that week. After spending a fun-filled day in the park, we went back to our room, got dressed up, went to a romantic dinner at our resort, and headed back to the Magic Kingdom for the classic evening parade and fireworks show.

Frank managed to get reserved priority seating for the back to back events, smack dab in front of Cinderella’s Castle – the best seats in the house!

The day ended with the “Wishes Nighttime Spectacular” fireworks show over the castle. If you’ve seen it, you know there’s nothing more magical.

After about 5 minutes into the show, Frank wrapped his arms around me just a little bit tighter than usual, grabbed my hand, and said,

“They’ll never be a more perfect time or place for this than right now.”

While still holding my hand, he got on one knee and pulled a box from his right hand pocket.

Truthfully, neither of us recall what was said during his heartfelt exchange because we were both SO excited for what we both knew was now happening…

“Kaitlynn, will you please marry me?”

I ecstatically said, “YES!!”

Afterward, we finished watching the rest of the fireworks as a newly engaged couple and had a mini photo session right after to remember the most perfect night ever. And the next morning, we hopped on Splash Mountain to take an engagement announcement photo to all our friends and family to see while holding “We’re Engaged” signs. We then posted on social media with the words “We’re taking the plunge!”

It was perfect.

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