Kaitlynn and Brandon

How We Met

We met our freshman year in college at UNC Charlotte. We had a chemistry class together (because we were both chemistry majors at the time), but we never spoke to each other because it was a HUGE lecture class and we didn’t sit near each other. Then one day, our class was moved to a new room and he saw me looking at the building map. He got my attention and told me where the room was and we walked in and sat together. We talked during the whole class (sorry Dr. Jew!), he walked me back to my dorm and the rest is history!

how they asked

He asked me at the top of a waterfall in Linville Falls, which is situated in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. He took me here on our first vacation together 4 years ago and we loved the beautiful colors of the trees, the rocks, and the water!

Kaitlynn and Brandon's Engagement in At a waterfall in the Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina

Proposal Ideas At a waterfall in the Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina

We recently came back for the first time in 4 years, and as he proposed, he told me I was still just as beautiful as the first time we came. How could I say no to that?! Thankfully, a kind man named Tyler was there to take some photos of us afterward. We were so grateful for him!

Special Thanks

Jenny Scaggs
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