Kaitlyn and Bradley

How we met: We met when I worked briefly at the restaurant he worked in. It’s funny because it wasn’t love at first sight at all. I just remember being so at ease around him. He has such a gentle, kind spirit. Two months later he began to text me and I wondered if he liked me because he wasn’t flirty at all. Finally he said: “So should I stop talking to you, or are you interested in me?” And I found that kind of directness very attractive.

Our first date was bowling and then dinner, and I remember when I got home my first thought was: “That wasn’t so bad.” The rest is history, and two and a half years later he put a ring on it!

Image 1 of Kaitlyn and Bradley

how they asked: He told me that there was a banquet for the engineering department (which is his major) at his university on the night of October 3rd, so I needed to dress nicely. The whole week leading up to the proposal, he told me things like “If they don’t have anything you like there to eat, I’ll swing by somewhere afterwards and pick you up something.”

So because of little details like that, I wasn’t suspicious whatsoever. As we were walking through campus that night on our way to “the banquet” he stopped me in the center of campus by the fountain and softly said “There is no banquet.”

And my heart stopped beating momentarily because I knew what was about to happen. He got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him and after I said yes, he got up and everyone around us was cheering.

Image 2 of Kaitlyn and Bradley

It felt like some awesome eighties movie. I wanted to be like Judd Nelson at the end of The Breakfast Club and pump my fist in the air. I got my guy! I’ll never forget that feeling.