Kaitlyn and Worth

How They Asked

Earlier in the week, Worth had said to me, “let’s have a Kaitlyn day on Saturday”. This is not something out of the ordinary because weekends are so sacred lately with all of the commitments we have, we like to make our free time special. The day began with Worth cooking breakfast, that is all his territory (I cook dinner). After that, he was really adamant about cleaning up the house, I said that it could wait until Sunday, but Worth convinced me to do it now so that we could enjoy our Sunday without chores. When we finished cleaning we got ready to head down to the beach (where I live) for the day of furniture shopping.

Before we left Worth reminded me to pack a bag with a change of clothes for our dinner reservation at Black Sheep later on (this is where we had our first date about 4 years ago). He even suggested I wear a dress to dinner, but I was really persistent about dressing casually to Black Sheep. While at the beach, we went into several local furniture shops to find me a dresser – Worth was having a blast! (I’m serious)

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We also stopped to have lunch, and kind of made a day about it… it was finally time to get ready for dinner, and for once I was ready before Worth and he was just procrastinating getting ready by sitting in his towel and looking up the Auburn score on Twitter. I was getting a little anxious because I wanted to stop at his house to get my jean jacket because the temperature dropped and we planned to get drinks on the rooftop before our reservation.

Kaitlyn and Worth's Engagement in Jacksonville, Florida

Finally, he decides to get ready and we hit the road to stop at his house to get my jean jacket. While driving there Worth also tells me he forgot his credit card, so when we pull up to the house he tells me to just run in and grab my jean jacket and his credit card so he can stay in the car. I walk in the front door to find a rose petal and tea light candle path through the house. Little did I know that our friends and their wives were busy working in the house all day setting this all up (that is why he was so adamant about cleaning the house earlier and why he was stalling getting ready so that they could finish setting up the proposal).

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They were so sneaky and even had a hidden camera on the fireplace mantle to capture my expression when I walked in. The only words I could really get out was “oh my god….” I was in disbelief! I walked back out to the front door to see if Worth was still in his car or if he was going to follow me in… he wasn’t out there.. so I decided to follow the path of petals and candles to find him outside in the back yard. There were flowers everywhere, a table with roses and a bucket of champagne, a big “Marry Me?” sign…. and a photographer.. the first thing is said when I saw all of this was, “wait can I go change?!” Anyway, I decided to stay in the casual outfit that I picked out for dinner. I still remember exactly everything he said leading up to him asking me to marry him. It was the most perfect moment that I will cherish forever, and I, of course, said YES!

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