Kaitlyn and Tyler

How We Met

I had been attending a young adult ministry at my church for a few years, I made connections with people I would now consider some of my closest friends. Little did I know that’s also where I’d meet my fiancé. When I first noticed Tyler I mentioned I thought he was very cute to a mutual friend of ours, Jordan. Jordan then introduced us and encouraged Tyler to ask me out. After getting to know each other further we went out on our first date to a local brewery in Detroit. We quickly realized we had a lot more in common than we thought. The rest they say was history…

How They Asked

After dating for over a year we discussed marriage more seriously and decided to go ring shopping. We met with a jeweler who designed the perfect ring I had imagined. I knew he had planned on asking me but I had no idea when or how. I found out there was a cider mill with sunflower fields close by so I wanted to go with him and take some cute pictures. I invited our friend, Wil, who was an experienced photographer as well as his girlfriend, it turned into a double date that I’d never forget.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Casco, Michigan

Tyler was supposed to spend the day prior with my family and me at a college football game but was feeling under the weather so opted out. Turns out he had gone to the sunflower fields to “scope it out” and find the perfect spot he would propose. He then reached out to Wil and came up with a plan; Tyler told Wil that his cue would be when he asked if I wanted a drink, Tyler would then reach into his backpack to get a drink aka the ring. Wil distracted me by taking pictures of me with his girlfriend. Next thing I knew Tyler came over, got down on one knee, opened a small box and asked me to marry him. I’m so glad Wil took pictures because I don’t remember much after that. I was in pure bliss and couldn’t be happier!

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Special Thanks

Wil Manera
 | Photographer