Kaitlyn and Troy

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How We Met

My fiance and I have known each other since a very young age our grandparents have been best friends for years. We were friends in high school and he then he moved to Alaska, which is when we became very close pen pals. After slowly falling deeper in love with on another, he moved back and we began dating.

how they asked

It was on our 5 year and 9 month anniversary, and it was the most magical moment of my life. We started the day off by swimming with otters, aquatic fish, sharks and all kinds of creatures. We began to swim with a few dolphins and our trainer and took lots of pictures along with another group of people. After all the pictures, rides, and fish feeding, the trainer dismissed everyone except for me! She told me that the they are trying to train their dolphins to share their toys, so I would have to retrieve the buey from the dolphin. Upon arrival to me, I was shocked that it just gave the toy to me but soon after I looked at the toy itself and it said “Kaitlyn, will you marry me? ” I was so emotional, and happy, and excited all at once! After he actually popped the question (with the dolphin basically in my lap) I of course said yes! They then escorted us to a small beach where a small table with rose petals lay in the warm sand. On top of the table was a small treasure chest, and on the inside, lay my beautiful, three stone, round cut, white gold, diamond ring! We spent the rest of the afternoon discovering coral reefs and relaxing in hammocks while sipping on exotic drinks.

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