Kaitlyn and Tim

How We Met: I met Tim at a college basketball game he was working as the sports information director. My sister was the assistant dance coach and I was there to watch her dancers, she introduced me to Tim briefly at half time and that was it. Then a few weeks later he got my phone number and called me up to ask me on a date! We’ve been inseparable since!

Image 1 of Kaitlyn and Tim

how they asked: We were driving back to Wichita from Bend, Oregon with our friend Adam when we came across a beautiful valley we had seen on the way there. It had big hills, windy roads, and a lushes river flowing literally a few feet from the road. I had Tim pull over so I could snap some pictures I hadn’t been able to get on the way through the first time. As I was taking pictures of everything around us, Tim said he needed to go to the car real quick, I didn’t think much of it till later.

Image 2 of Kaitlyn and Tim

When he returned he asked me what I thought if the view. I said “it’s gorgeous!” Then he knelt down held out the most beautiful ring I’d ever seen and said “is it as gorgeous as this…and will you marry me?!”

Image 3 of Kaitlyn and Tim

I said “YES!” Photo credit to Adam Trouch who had no idea Tim was proposing till moments before!

Image 4 of Kaitlyn and Tim