Kaitlyn and Stephen

Image 1 of Kaitlyn and Stephen

How We Met

Stephen and I met at a CIY conference in Tennessee. Oddly enough, we had grown up rather close to each other yet met states away. At this conference, we were briefly introduced through a mutual friend, but the conversation pretty much ended there. After all, it was a large conference! We were not in contact after Tennessee and did not meet again until my freshman year at college.

Upon starting my freshman year at Manhattan Christian College, Stephen and I found ourselves in the same city yet again, but this time with an opportunity to actually get to know each other. We had recognized each other at the beginning of the semester but became closer friends through my roommate who happened to be a mutual friend. From there, we were able to talk more and learn more about each other over time. As opposed to Tennessee, Stephen and I maintained contact once we were at the same college.

At the beginning of my sophomore year, his junior, things had changed. The summer had passed with minimal contact between each other and it was obvious we had each been missed. By October of that semester, he had asked me on a date and officially began our relationship!!

How They Asked

The day came as a complete surprise…

Stephen and I began this wonderful Sunday as normal. He picked me up in the early morning to head to church, we attended service and went on our merry way to what I had thought would be a lazy day of homework. However, he had other plans…

As we left the church, I offered to cook lunch at my house and he agreed. On our way, however, he missed the turn to the house. Covering with the lie that he wasn’t hungry yet, Stephen gave the idea of a Sunday drive before lunch. We ended up on a dirt road I had never explored and turned the corner into Pottawatomie Lake. He revealed that he had planned a surprise picnic!

This was not suspicious, as surprises are his forte. As he unpacked this intricate picnic he had obviously given great thought, Stephen presented me with a gift for our belated one-year anniversary. As I tried to pick the shrink wrap that covered the gift open, I asked for one of his keys to use as an opener. Fixated on opening this difficult wrapping, I had not realized that Stephen had moved behind me.

Image 4 of Kaitlyn and Stephen

My attention was caught as he shakily asked, “Hey Kait?” Turning around, I was met with him on one knee presenting a beautiful ring. He gave a small speech and asked me to be his wife, to which I responded with an emphatic “YES!”

And the rest unfolded in a flurry of pictures, excitement, and embraces!!

Image 2 of Kaitlyn and Stephen

Image 3 of Kaitlyn and Stephen