Kaitlyn and Noe

How We Met

Noe and I met through a mutual friend. I was a senior in high school, and I had just gotten back from my senior trip when our mutual friend called me and told me he had someone he wanted me to meet. We met up at a boardwalk at the Jersey Shore the night I landed back in NJ. We were both so shy when we first met. I don’t even think we said 2 words to each other. Eventually, I got his number from our friend and I texted him first. We were texting all night that night into the early morning and we planned another day to hang out and try again. The rest is history.

How They Asked

Noe, his sister, my mom, my sister and I had a trip planned on Saturday, September 14th to go into New York City to see my sister’s new apartment and go to the Top of the Rock and have dinner. My dad couldn’t go because he had previous plans. When Noe dropped me off at my parents to get ready for the city, he told my dad today was the day. He was going to propose when he got back to the house when I was done getting ready. Fast forward a few hours later, I keep calling him to see where he is because we were all ready to go. He shows up to my house and we all say our hellos and out of no where, his sister says “let me take a picture” and of course in true Kaitlyn fashion I say, no it’s okay we’ll just take some in the city but by that time Noe already grabbed my waist and was pulling me in for a picture. He turned to me and said “give me a kiss” and after we kiss he drops down onto his knee and pops the question! I was so shocked that at first, I yelled out “no!” I was so surprised (of course I really meant yes and changed that shortly after!). I just start crying uncontrollably and he gets up and hugs me and finally puts the ring on.

Where to Propose in At my parents house

Engagement Proposal Ideas in At my parents house

Kaitlyn and Noe's Engagement in At my parents house

It was gorgeous and the whole thing was perfect! One of the best days of my life and I can not wait for the future together and this new chapter of our lives together.