Kaitlyn and Nathan

How We Met

We first met at a training class at work. Nate swears he made a joke that made me laugh; he says, “I knew I was in right then.” I don’t so much remember him cracking a joke but i definitely thought he was incredibly cute.

How They Asked

It was so magical! We had spent the week of new years in 2019 at Disney World parks in Florida. we had such an incredible time visiting all the different parks. when it came time for the new year’s eve celebration, we found a spot right on main street to watch the fireworks over Cinderella’s castled. at midnight, I turned around to kiss him, looked back at the fireworks, and then he tapped me on the shoulder and dropped down on one knee. he pulled out the most beautiful ring and poured his heart out. (I was bawling) but even in that moment, with thousands of people around, it was only me and him.



Special Thanks

Emi Morgan Photography
 | Photography