Kaitlyn and Matt

How We Met: Matt and I went on our first date on May 17, 2014. We went to a restaurant in Memphis called Houston’s and then went to a movie afterwards. Although it was a pretty typical “date night,” there was nothing typical about how I felt. I remember every detail of this day like it was yesterday. From the moment he walked into my house to meet my parents to the moment he dropped me off and kissed me in my driveway, I knew this was something special. I honestly can’t tell you what we talked about at dinner because I was so lost in his eyes and lost in the moment. My heart was completely captivated from the first night. We went to church together the very next morning. I can remember Matt grabbing my hand as we walked out of the church back to the car. Then, he played “Little Things” by One Direction on the way home. We have been together ever since the night of our first date. There have been maybe three days throughout the past year that we have not spent side by side. After years of praying for my future husband, my prayers were answered the night I said yes to going on a date with Matt. I can’t put into words the feelings I felt for him that night, and they have only grown deeper and stronger with each new day. I believe God told me “This is the man I have made to love you” as I sat across from him that night at Houston’s. Little did I know, one year later, I would walk down an aisle of 14,000 rose petals to him getting down on one knee, asking me to marry him. I have never been more sure of something in my life and I am now a firm believer of “when you know, you know.” I knew that I would marry him within the first week I spent with him. He is my best friend, my other half, my soulmate. my everything, my forever. Words will never be able to describe how much I love him and how much he means to me. I am the luckiest girl in the world.

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how they asked: With our one year anniversary of our first date coming up, Matt informed me that he had a meeting at work that afternoon and that we would go back to Houston’s later that evening. I did not think anything of it and just said ok. About one week before the big day, my mom sent a group message to my two sisters and I asking if we would agree to have professional pictures taken that afternoon for her friend’s website. Once again, I didn’t think anything of it given that I know her friend is really a photographer and I thought to myself that this would give me something to do while Matt was at work. And we would get professional pictures out of it! So on Sunday, May 17, 2015, Matt and I went to church, had lunch with my family, and then took a good Sunday nap. Matt woke up and left for his “meeting” at work while I got ready with my sisters for our “photoshoot.”

image1 (1)While getting ready, I noticed my parents left to go run errands and  my sisters left to go buy my youngest sister a strapless bra to wear with the dress she picked out to wear. Once again, I wasn’t suspicious of anything because I had no reason to be. Matt sent me  a picture from his desk at work saying “I miss you.” Little did I know, he took that picture earlier in the week and he was actually at his apartment preparing for the greatest proposal of all time. Once my sisters got back home and we were all ready for our photoshoot, we headed over to this venue in my neighborhood called Hillwood at Davies Plantation with my mom. I was already aware that we were having the pictures taken here so, once again, I was clueless. We pull up to an empty parking lot, which was a little strange to me. I asked my mom, “Where’s your friend?” and of course, she said she didn’t know. I walked up to the door (my sisters let me go in first) and when I walked inside, I was immediately left speechless. The venue is covered in beautiful lights that create the most romantic, fairy tale setting. There was an aisle of lights and 14,000 rose petals that led to the man of my dreams with the biggest smile on his face. The song “Marry Me” by Train was playing and I noticed his brother was there filming everything. When I finally got to Matt, he told me how much he loved me and that “we have a love story beyond his wildest dreams.” He then got on one knee and asked me the big question. With tears streaming down my face, I said yes!! I turned around to see my parents, my sisters, my grandmother, his parents, his cousin, and all of my best friends. I was completely shocked, blown away, and overwhelmed with so much love and happiness. I have never felt more loved, appreciated, and like a princess. I can’t wait to marry the man of my dreams in six months!

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Photography by Zack Williams
Videography by Andy Diffee