Kaitlyn and Justin

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How We Met

A doctor fell for a nurse… Justin and I meet at the regional hospital we both work for in June 2016. This is the story of a doctor and the nurse falling for each other (it HAPPENS!). We both instantly knew we were made for each other. At first, it was a little weird, especially when taking care of patients together. However, as time continued to go on we fell harder and harder for each other, and we could not get enough of each others company. He constantly found me on the unit I worked on just to say hi, bring me coffee, make me laugh, and he would purposely document at the same nurse’s station while making some intense eye contact :).I eventually moved in with Justin (which was also a first for me). As more time went by we continued to share experiences that we both love including running, traveling, and visiting our local wineries and breweries. Justin will be graduating residency this June so he has been very busy flying all over the US interviewing for fellowship positions. With the busy schedule, I knew that he may have to wait to pop the question, and I was totally fine with that, because I knew, in the end, it would be him and I. I have been going back and forth between staying home or moving with him after residency as I have never moved from my hometown. With all the traveling and different shifts, I realized I literally could not live without him near me.

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how they asked

We took our 2nd annual “out of the country” trip to Jamaica this last December, the first year was Mexico. The thought of him proposing crossed my mind, but I figured he would be too nervous to travel with the ring through the airport and keeping it hidden from me would be difficult. Sure enough, I am sitting on a beach chair (after a long night out) covered up in towels. He kept going back and forth to the water, messing around in the sand with his foot, and bringing me seashells. Eventually, he dragged me off the beach chair because he had to show me “something” in the water. Walking towards to water he muttered, “What does that say”? I looked down and he had written: “Marry me”? using his foot! I always thought of this moment and how I would react, and I will tell you-I was in shock! As he got down on one knee so many things went through my head, and I was not sure if the proposal was real or not. I kept asking him “are you serious”, “are you sure”, “are you kidding”, “right here?”, “really?!”. A fellow vacationer just happened to have her phone on her and snapped some pictures. It was the trip of a lifetime and neither of us will ever forget it. I loved hearing about who knew, the planning he had been doing, and how I almost found the ring when digging through his bag looking for the car keys the night before when we stayed in Chicago. After that day it seemed like the entire resort knew, it was so surreal and exciting at the same time. One week after getting engaged Justin was offered a fellowship position at Duke Universtiy Hospital in Durham, NC. Looks like we will be having some crazy future adventures together and neither of us could be more excited! We set a date for 12/07/2019 at the Breathless Riviera Cancun, a destination is where we want to be!

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