Kaitlyn and Joshua

how we met

Josh and I met by chance in October/November of 2017. I had just finished a running race and decided to stop by the AT&T store before I went home to check on when my Apple Watch would be delivered to the store. Mind you that day I had gotten stood up by another man who was supposed to attend the race with me so I had no expectations of meeting someone in this errand. When I walked into the store I noticed a tall bearded tattooed good looking man walk up to me. He was a sales rep and helped me as I nervously babbled and talked to him. As I was about to leave he gave me his card and said “this is me” with the implication to contact him if I needed any help with my account. When I left the store I wondered if he was just being a sales rep or was interested in me. I texted him several hours later and he confirmed he was interested and would like to take me out on a date. We became friends and slowly dated over the year and months and Josh then proposed to me on August 14th 2019 his birthday.

how they asked

Leading up to the proposal I was anxious as to when it was going to happen and had hinted for months. He had asked me a few days before his birthday near our official dating anniversary August 12th if I was available to go out to eat at Harry’s Seafood in Saint Augustine for his birthday (also our first date). At the time I was working my day job and in evenings at the pool as a lifeguard and swim instructor. At the time I said yes thinking I didn’t have to work in the evening but when it got closer to the date I realized I had to work the night of at the pool. When I told Josh he was disappointed and then I became more suspicious of an impending proposal but figured it wouldn’t happen that day a Wednesday since we couldn’t go out. I got home late around 8:30/9 in my bathing suit from the pool and gave josh his birthday gift. After I gave it to him, he said I have a card I forgot to give to you for our anniversary. I go to the kitchen to open it and it says “to my future wifey for lifey” and inside said that he knows at times people and situations can put pressure on something that is going to happen but he wants me to know that he has no doubts that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. I still didn’t understand that this was a proposal and thought he was just reassuring me and then when I turned around he was on one knee with the ring in his hand. He didn’t say anything and then I said aren’t you gonna say something?! He said will you marry me? And I said yes!


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