Kaitlyn and Josh

How We Met

Josh and I met my first year of college which was his 2nd year. He had transferred to Chico after one year of being in Oregon. We both happened to enroll in the same “linked” class which meant that we were in two of the same classes together. I had walked in late and saw him in the back of the classroom immediately and instantly wanted to get to know him. Once we realized we had the same two classes together, we eventually picked seats next to each other and it started from there. At one point, I had gone online and Facebook friend requested him. He accepted my request and we began to chat more outside of school through Facebook messaging until he asked for my number; it was at that point that we began to talk every day. Our friendship grew stronger and stronger until we had realized there were more than just “Friend” feelings there. It was the beginning of winter break and we both decided we wanted to go snowboarding together and I had invited him to stay with me at my parents house as they lived an hour and a half away from Sierra Resort in Tahoe. You can say that this was our first official “date”. He met my parents and it all went up from there.

They loved how he introduced himself; he was polite, not shy, and was respectable. I can distinctly remember my mom telling me how she already liked him, and his amazing blue eyes! That first official “date” turned into an invite from him to meet his parents and join him in his hometown of Livermore for a New Years celebration. I was so excited and thrilled that I said yes. New years comes at a blink of an eye (after countless texts in between seeing each other) and he asked me to be his girlfriend. I remember being so excited I called my mom immediately to tell her (being 18 and in college, it was very exciting). Five years later, we are stronger than ever and both made it through college and graduated with Bachelors degrees. Ups, downs, happy and some sad times, we stayed together and had developed a bond that could not be broken. We both decided to move up to El Dorado Hills with my parents so we can save money and get established in our jobs. Right at our 6 year anniversary mark, we decided to move out into our own place. It was at this point that we had seriously started to have “the talk” about getting married and having a future together (although we as well as everyone else around us already knew it was going to happen). It was 6 months after moving in with each other that he asked me to be his wife!

how they asked

2,372 days, 6 1/2 years of dating he decided to ask me to marry him. We were traveling up to Camp Richardson which is located in South Lake Tahoe. This was a place my family and close family friends had been visiting for 11 years, and him being apart of it for 6 (since we had started dating). I had a dream it would happen here but had convinced myself it wouldn’t because I didn’t think he was ready to make a ring purchase yet. However, the night of June 2nd arrived and it was the best day of my life so far! We had a nice relaxing day by the beach as we usually do and joined for the annual group dinner (with about 120 people). I had suggested we take our usual couples and family pictures that night because the sky was clear and the sun started to set creating the most perfect back drop. Little did I know this annual picture taking moment had a different plan.

He had gone to the cabin to grab is “sweatshirt” which is when he grabbed the ring. My dad already knew about it as he had asked for his blessing 3 weeks prior. My grandpa was in the cabin and Josh decided to tell him at that point in time that he was asking me to marry him and wanted both him and my grandma to join; he expressed to them how much he loves them and how they have “adopted” him as a grandson and wanted their blessing as well (they of course said yes). We go down to the beach, and begin taking photos. We start with a silly girls photo with my mom, sister and grandma. Afterwards, Josh says it is our turn. We are taking our photos, and I turn to give him a kiss on the cheek as I usually do for our last photo together. It was at that point in time he grabbed my face, says one more photo, and started to talk. At that point in time it hit me that it was happening.

I started to cry because I was so thrilled, happy, and excited and knew it was happening at the right place and right time. Before I knew it, he was on one knee and I said YES surrounded by my parents, brother, sister and grandparents.

I was in complete disbelief that it happened and could not be more excited to marry my best friend and man of my dreams. It was more perfect that I could ever imagine and cannot wait to marry him.