Kaitlyn and Joseph

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How We Met

Joseph and I actually graduated high school together, but didn’t end up officially meeting until after college. We went to a huge Texas High School and were involved in different activities through out school. He moved to Spring Branch when he was a Sophomore from Georgia. He was known as the cool, mysterious new guy from Georgia that was all into politics and golf. I had lived in the area since I was three so I had my set small group of friends and really didn’t venture out much. I was also highly involved in my extra curricular activities and that didn’t allow for a lot of spare time. Looking back, the crazy thing is, we both knew of each other, have multiple mutual friends and were absolutely at some of the same parties.

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But it wasn’t until after we had both graduated from college and moved back to the area that we met.He had just graduated with two degrees from UTSA and I had just opened a local boutique after graduating from TEXAS A&M when his mom came into my shop and struck up a conversation with me. Eventually the conversation led to Joseph and everything he had accomplished during college. His accomplishments and interests perked my interest because as a young entrepreneur it was a struggle to find a guy who had the same drive and fire for life as I did. After she left the shop I of coursed looked him up on Facebook, but a little voice told me to be patient. I knew if he and I were supposed to run into each other in this small town we would. So patient I was until about a month after his mom was in the shop when we both happened to be in the same place at the same time.

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It was a Tuesday night, taco night, at a local bar and grill that my roommate and I like to eat at occasionally. Joseph had been sitting at the bar eating alone and saw me across the way. I hadn’t seen him until he got up to leave and took multiple double takes back at me as if to confirm I was who he though he was. It was Awkward. I smiled back following his gaze not knowing what to do until he walked out the door. I then turned to my roommate and totally girled out about how that was the guy I had looked up a month or so back on Facebook. We chatted a bit and giggled about do I follow him out, do I message him, what should I do to seize the opportunity to meet him?! It wasn’t 5 minutes after he walked out when my phone pinged with a message on Facebook from him asking “Did I just see you at Max’s?”

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I of course quickly responded, “Yes, I wasn’t sure if you recognized me!” From there our conversations over the next couple days, which happened to be Christmas weekend, were interesting, different and absolutely made me want to know him more. He came in the store to buy his family a few gifts and asked me to hang out some time soon. Our first date was New Years Eve. He decided he wanted to cook for me, turned out food and cooking was a common interest of ours, and then we went to my brother and sister-in-laws for a New Years Eve party.

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how they asked

We had dinner plans with my best friend and her husband to celebrate the launch of his book he had just published, and the reservations were at our favorite steak house in Boerne, Tx. When he got to my house from work to head that way he acted completely cool and normal and turned on an episode of Game of Thrones to watch while I finished getting ready. Once I was dressed, I knew it was time to head out the door and he wasn’t in any rush. This wasn’t like him. Normally, like most guys, he is rushing me out the door. We get in the car, and he mumbles something awkwardly about needing to go back inside. I thought it was really weird but still didn’t think too much of it.

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The drive there though I could tell he was tense and I started to feel like something was up. Once pulling onto main street he was driving slow and in the wrong line. So, like always, I corrected him and told him to hurry up because we were already late for reservations. He then got in the right lane, then got back into the wrong lane and I really began to question him. That’s when he flipped a total U-Turn in the middle of main street, and pulled the car up to the side walk where I first saw my best friends husband move an orange cone out of the way and then I looked past him and saw the candle lit sidewalk covered in rose petals. I looked over at Joe and gasped “Oh My Gosh. This is Happening.” He said “Don’t you start crying or I will too!”

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He came around to my door and opened it as I stepped on the romantically lit sidewalk covered in beautiful candles and rose petals and surrounded by Boerne’s beautiful main street Christmas lights. He read me the sweetest letter between many tears between the both of us and then got down on one knee to ask me to be his wife. I of course responded with a big, “YES!”

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It also just so happens that my best friend is a wedding photographer, and she was there to capture the whole thing! The cherry on the top was walking into the bar of the steak house and seeing our parents. Our families mean the world to us and getting to celebrate that very special night with them was incredible.

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I describe the day to others as fairy tale perfect. The setting and evening was incredible but the man I am getting to marry is even more incredible.

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Special Thanks

Taylor Walker
 | Photographer