Kaitlyn and Jon

How We Met

My fiancé Jon and I met at our CrossFit gym.

How They Asked

Jon surprised me big time! It was 4th of July weekend and a couple of my friends were coming over for a BBQ. I had been busy preparing to host the entire day. They arrived and everything was exactly as normal. We decided to head out to a new favorite distillery of ours to have a bonfire and a few drinks. It was a hot and humid day, so I was totally not trying to impress anyone with my hair or outfit. When we got there the sun was just setting over a beautiful field and “POP”-he got down on one knee and that was that! I had no idea it was coming and I was totally stunned! I must say that this was not his original plan, as that was unfortunately ruined because of Covid about 3 months earlier, but I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way!



Special Thanks

J & J Studios
 | Photography
Longwood Gardens
 | Engagement Shoot Location