Kaitlyn and James' Proposal in Park City, Utah

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How We Met

A little back story: When I graduated high school, my Dad told me that I shouldn’t get a boyfriend when I got to college so I could focus on my studies. I was like “yeah okay dad, whatever you say” and he told me to write it down on paper as evidence that I agreed with him- so I did.

James and I were both 18 years old and attending freshman orientation at the University of Washington in June of 2012. I didn’t have any friends from high school going to UW, so I was alone for about half of the day. I was on my way to the next group tour of the gym and all of a sudden some guy bumps into me as I was walking down the steps of Kane Hall and asks me what was next on the schedule for that day. I was a little suspicious because he had his own schedule- but I told him anyway because I thought he was really cute. We spent the rest of the orientation together, telling each other all about ourselves. On the second day of orientation, I saw him in the morning but we were placed in different groups because of our intended majors. At the end of the day, I didn’t want to leave without saying goodbye so I ran up and punched him in the arm. He asked for my phone number (which he denies to this day and tells people I asked for his number) and we texted for about two weeks after orientation. In August, I remember I was at the beach with one of my best friends and I looked at my phone and it said I had a text from James- I smiled from ear to ear. When we both got to UW that September, we hung out the very same day I moved into my dorm and we spent every day together after that. He asked me to be his girlfriend on November 4, 2012 and we have been inseparable ever since. I truly believe it was love at first sight.

Sorry Dad- I’m sure glad I didn’t keep my promise of not getting a boyfriend when I got to college.

how they asked

James was on a five-day break from his job, which we spent in Bend, Oregon to celebrate my good friend’s wedding. After the wedding we headed to Utah so I could spend two weeks with him. I still live in Seattle because I’m finishing up nursing school and we have been long distance for about four months now. When we landed, he told me that he was going to take me to Park City. I had been there one time before when I visited him in June. This time we bought tickets to go on the scenic ski lift tour of the mountain because the lift was closed last time we were there. We took one ski lift up and James insisted that we go to the highest point of the mountain. After two more ski lift rides, an hour and a half later, we were finally at the top. It was the most breath taking view I had ever seen.

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James suggested that we walk over to the edge of the mountain into this meadow area. There was a sign that said ‘closed’, so I was a little reluctant. He said it would be fine and that we had to go out there in order to get the best view. So I walked out to the edge and he was right- it was amazing. He told me to keep my back facing him so he could take a picture of me with the scenery. When he said that he got a great photo, he told me to turn around so we could take a selfie. When I turned around, he was down on one knee. I immediately started bawling my eyes out and said, “Are you serious?” He said the most beautiful words, although I can’t remember all of them because I was crying so hard (and so was he). I do remember one thing he said that will stay in my memory forever: “I have loved you from the first moment I saw you.” He then used my full name (something I had told him I wanted ever since we first started dating) and asked me to marry him- of course I said yes!

We took the ski lift back down the mountain and facetimed all of our closest family and friends. When we returned to town we celebrated with some champagne on the rooftop of a restaurant called the “No Name Saloon.”

On this day, July 12, 2016, time stood still and it was more perfect than I ever imagined it could be. I couldn’t be any happier that now I get to spend forever with the man that I have loved since the moment I saw him.

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