Kaitlyn and James

how we met

James and I met 8 years ago through some really close mutual friends and in turn he and I became friends. I was actually dating someone else and we were just friends. We always had gotten along and loved hanging out with each other but it wasn’t anything “romantic”. We were simply friends. Fast forward 7 years after meeting, James asks me, “Kaitlyn why don’t you give me a shot?” I thought he was joking at first (stupid me, I know but I never thought he would consider me like that because we were such great friends) and I wanted to be with him. I was not your typical girl. I told James I have 5 “deal breakers.”
1) We will marry in the Catholic Church (I am Catholic and I believe in God)
2) We will raise our children Catholic and baptize them at a very young age
3) If you don’t know whether or not you want to marry me within 2 years of dating, “I will break up with you” so don’t waste my time
4) We will start trying for children IMMEDIATELY after we are married
5) We will always support each other in our hopes and dreams and goals (no matter what)

Well James was more than okay with these goals (he agreed 100% with me)

Also we are not a typical relationship because James is in the Navy (so yes we have to plan our wedding accordingly) he’s been stationed in San Diego, CA, Pearl Harbor, HI, and just moved to Sasebo, Nagasaki, Japan. He does plan on making the Navy a career (he’s a Hull Maintenance Technician or HT1) so yes of course I support him and will follow him wherever the Navy sends him.

how they asked

Well fast forward to 8/31/2019 and here we are at Angels Stadium on leave (Angels we’re playing the Boston Red Sox and even better the Angels won) and we are with our friends Jon and Katey. James says, “Hey guys, let’s check out this St. Archer’s Brewing Company. It’s one of my favorite Brewing companies. It’s got 4 stars for food too.” So we check it out. Then we grab beers and margaritas and James says to us again (mind you Katey and Jon know he’s about to pop the question so they are bursting with excitement and it’s all way over my head) “Let’s all walk behind that rock formation” (The Rock Formation at Angel Stadium) and well he gets down on one knee and pulls out that famous “Little Blue Box.” He went to Tiffany & Co. I knew he was going to propose on this trip because he was on leave before he was set to “report” to Japan but I didn’t think he would do at the game. But he did. I get to marry my best friend. He’s an amazing man, and I’m so blessed to have him consider me to be his girlfriend, let alone his future wife. We didn’t think of each other as more than friends when we first me. It wasn’t “instant attraction” or “love at first sight” for us. We developed a beautiful and wonderful 7 year friendship that developed into a relationship which in turn developed into an engagement and ultimately a marriage. My mom always said, “Be friends first, Kaitlyn.” Which we certainly were for 7 years. It’s made all the difference in our relationship. I can’t wait to marry him. He’s truly my best friend!! I can’t wait for more adventures with James!! Next great adventure, planning a traditional Catholic wedding while my fiancé is not only in the military and stationed overseas (Japan) and has a pending deployment (dates are unknown so wish us luck) I know we can do it though. #NavyFiance #FutureNavyWife #LongDistanceRelationship #WentInTheGameAsAGirlfriend #LeftTheGameAsAFiance #Tiffany&Co #LittleBlueBox #JustACAGirl #InLoveWith #JustAWABoy