Kaitlyn and Grayson

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How We Met

Grayson & I met on Tinder on November 17, 2016- it sounds pretty crazy but he goes to West Point Military Academy and I live in a small town so it’s tough for us to meet people!

2 nights after we had “swiped right” I asked if he could FaceTime, fortunately he said yes. We talked for 5 hours straight that night, I’m pretty sure we both knew that this was legit (as least I did.)

2 weeks after that I had invited this total stranger to my house for the weekend, he was skeptical and so was I, but he came and we spent all weekend hiking, eating and of course..snuggling! That was the weekend I had that “aha!” moment and knew that this was “the one”.

I then flew down to Orlando for New Years to spend it with him and his family. It was such a fun trip, we ended it by going to Disney World and that night he had asked me to be his girlfriend in front of the Cinderella castle, SOO magical!

how they asked

Grayson & I went on vacation to South Lake Tahoe for his spring break to have some much needed adventure. Grayson had booked a photoshoot for my birthday with one of my favorite photographers! At the end of the photoshoot we went to a gorgeous beach at sunset and he start talking about how much he loves me and doesn’t ever want to imagine his life without me & before I knew it he was on his knee with a GORGEOUS rose gold ring asking me to be his wife. That is a day I will never ever forget. He is the love of my life

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Special Thanks

Taylor Kern
 | Photographer