Kaitlyn and Germán

Marriage Proposal Ideas in San Carlos, Mexico

My fiancé is from Mexico but has lived in the US since he was a kid and is now a citizen and I am a Spanish teacher. This is what attracted us to each other originally. Fast forward almost 3 years and we decided to visit his family in Mexico for my first time there. During our trip we took a short 2 day trip to a small resort on the west coast in San Carlos.

When we got there our hotel helped us book a 2 hour New Year’s Eve boat cruise for the next day. Little did I know, about an hour in, with advice he received from the captain, he would propose on the front deck when we came across about a half dozen dolphins!

Later we found out that his dad had proposed to his mom in the same coastal Mexican town!!

My favorite part is that he didn’t have any of this preplanned. He knew he would propose on the trip and brought the ring but didn’t know exactly how. He is the spontaneous one and I’m the planner. I couldn’t have asked it to happen any more special or perfectly if I tried! ❤?

Kaitlyn's Proposal in San Carlos, Mexico