Kaitlyn and Dustin

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How We Met

We actually didn’t meet until after I had asked him out. My friend and I were in a club and Dustin walked in with his friends. I called “dibs” on him because with my friend you had to or else it was free game. Well I never go the courage to ask him to dance or anything so we left the club. As we were leaving we saw him and his friends at a Pizza place outside. My friend yelled, ” What’s your number?”. So one of Dustin’s friends yelled back a phone number. My friend and I were texting his friend and we got Dustin’s phone number. My friend was actually the one who started talking to Dustin first and I thought there was no way he would want to date me with how much experience she had. Well I gave it a shot and decided to text him. We met for the first time at the movies for our first date. 8 and a half years later and we are just a few months away from forever!!

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how they asked

We went to Point Au Roche in Plattsburgh for the day to walk to trails with my two sisters and their boyfriends and his brother and girlfriend. I didn’t think anything of it except that it was quite a cold day to be walking. So I had leggings under sweatpants and three layers under a sweatshirt with mittens. Without an ounce of makeup on we went walking in the blistering cold. For most of the walk, Dustin and his brother, his girlfriend, and my sister’s boyfriend Nick were walking so far ahead of the rest of us that we got lost making out way to “the point”(a beautiful view of Lake Champlain). I called Dustin and he didn’t answer so I called Chet, his brother, and he is like I’ll meet you to guide you in the right direction. So Chet led us to the point where I saw Nick down on the ground with his cell phone out pointing at me.

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At that point, I thought for sure that Dustin was in a tree somewhere and Nick was recording my reaction because I kept looking around and couldn’t find Dustin anywhere. I look around a bit and I saw Dustin on the rocks down on one knee and I immediately started crying. Someone said “go down there”. I was in complete shock! I walked down there and he said that I make him very happy and that he loves me very much and wants to know if I will spend the rest of my life with him. ” Kaitlyn Theresa Breton, will you marry me?” Of course I said yes and it was the best day of my life!!! It was so unexpected and I am so happy that he included my sisters and Mom while picking and designing the ring. The fact that our siblings were there to witness it was so incredible!

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Special Thanks

Megan Breton
 | With the ring and proposal
Nicole Breton
 | With the ring and proposal