Kaitlyn and David's Proposal on their 5-Year Anniversary

How we met: David and I met at Valley Christian High School in 2006…he thought I was cute, I thought he was too. He tried to talk to me in Bible class during our freshman year, but my super shy personality came off as a bit rude instead. Two years went by without speaking until one day I called David to invite him to a movie night with a few mutual friends.

Proposal on their 5 Year Anniversary

We went on our first date that summer, and on August 26th, 2008 he asked me to be his girlfriend.

how they asked: The day before our 5 year anniversary, we planned to go to one of our favorite spots – The Donald Trump Golf Course – to have a picnic. Upon arriving, we were told that it was closed for the day because they were hosting a special event. A bit thrown off, we had to quickly rearrange our plans. David suggested that we head to the Korean Friendship Bell, a place he had heard about the night before. Despite my hesitation (the Teranea – a beautiful resort that we had been to before was so much closer) we headed in the opposite direction where we proceed to get lost. After about 30 minutes of searching for a place to park, we headed up a ridiculously steep hill to find a place to eat.

When we finally reached the Bell, we started to walk around it to find the perfect spot when I pointed out the blanket and rose petals on the ground. Completely thrown off by their sudden change of plans, it didn’t even cross my mind that they could have been for us, until David turned to me and with a huge grin said “Do you know who those are for…?”

Proposal on their 5 Year Anniversary

As we walked closer to the blanket, I noticed a basket with some sparkling cider, glasses, and a card inside. When we arrived, David handed me the card and asked me to open it… I proceeded to read one last love letter from my “boyfriend” as he pulled out a tiny box from his pocket, knelt to the ground, and asked the question I had been dying to hear for a while now – “Will you be marry me?”

Korean Friendship Bell Proposal 14

Proposal on their 5 Year Anniversary

Proposal on their 5 Year Anniversary3

Korean Friendship Bell Proposal 4

Korean Friendship Bell Proposal 5

Korean Friendship Bell Proposal 8

Korean Friendship Bell Proposal 6

Korean Friendship Bell Proposal 9

Korean Friendship Bell Proposal 10

Korean Friendship Bell Proposal 11

I said “YES!” of course, and gave him a giant hug and kiss. After a few seconds he turned me around and I noticed that my friend and favorite photographer was there to capture the whole thing on camera. She proceeded to take a few more pictures of us and then left us to soak in the moment.

Korean Friendship Bell Proposal 12

After about an hour of staring at the rock on my finger and asking every question I could think of, we headed back to the car to go tell everyone at home!

Korean Friendship Bell Proposal 15

When we arrived to David’s house, I was greeted with a small and elegant engagement party with our closest family members. We ate, talked, and soaked in the fact that they were finally going to be man and wife.


Photography by: Megan Hartley Photography