Kaitlyn and Christian

Kaitlyn and Christian's Engagement in Disneyland

How We Met

Christian and I met many moons ago in 2007 (8th grade) in our small hometown in Northern California, a few years passed (I was an independent woman who didn’t need no man!), but he finally hooked me our senior year. Two years later Christian got picked up to play D1 baseball in San Antonio and I knew I wanted to come; flash forward another five years and Over 1,800 miles, we have built a wonderful life together with our three PURRfect fur babies and a wonderful community we have surrounded ourselves with. We are different in so many ways, but to be VERY cliche, he is truly the ying to my yang, we bring out the best in each other.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Disneyland

how they asked

It is known by everyone who knows me that I am a HUGE Disney fan, so of course unbeknownst to me during this past trip to Disney with both our families a plan was set in motion. We had been in the park a few hours already, when we decided to try and get in line to take a picture in front of the Mickey pumpkin. A parade was coming though, and the lady guarding the end of the photo line was not budging and wouldn’t allow us to take a photo; I was over it and was ready to skip it and move on, but while I was walking away they explained he was trying to propose and she agreed & let the photographer know. I. HAD. NO. CLUE. So we jump in front of the pumpkin to pose for a couple shots when he says “now turn back to back” I strike a lovely pose and then realize I’m the only one and I hear “Kaitlyn turn around” he was DOWN ON HIS KNEE.

Proposal Ideas Disneyland

Kaitlyn's Proposal in Disneyland

From there I sort of blacked out. I know sweet words were spoken, many tears were shed and the most gorgeous, perfect ring was placed on my finger. The crowd waiting for the parade was cheering, the band was playing, it was insane and just absolutely perfect. Our family and friends were there to celebrate the rest of the weekend & they had already set up a surprise in-park engagement shoot the very next day! From this post you can tell I can be a bit MUCH, so you can understand how blessed I feel to have found this man who has loved and supported me for so many years AND wants to spend many many more with me; luckiest lady in all the land right here folks!

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