Kaitlyn and Brett

Image 1 of Kaitlyn and BrettHow we met: When Brett moved to Calgary in January of 2014, he lived just two blocks away from me, yet we never crossed paths until months later when we met online. He was busy working & I had just returned from a volunteer trip to Africa, when I realized that something in my life was missing, and at the nudge of some of the closest people around me decided to give online dating a shot. Brett’s profile came up immediately and he ended up being my first connection, message, and unbeknownst to me at the time, the last first date I would ever go on!

Brett & I spoke for weeks, day in and day out as we were both travelling, unit 04.14.14 when he picked me up for our first date. Our coffee date continued to be extended into a night of coffee, a live comedy club ended with a late night pizza & wine date at UNA. From that day forward we became virtually inseparable, finding ourselves making any excuse to see each other and passing our time apart as quickly as possible.

Over the next few months we travelled and toured together, meeting each others friends and families, falling in love with Napa Valley, San Francisco, Banff, Maui, our memories together and of course each other.

It took no time at all for our lives to effortlessly come together and we recognized early on that this was a once in a lifetime type of love.

Less than a year later, on January 15, 2015 we were engaged, and are currently planning our wedding & thankful to have found our happily ever after!

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how they asked: Brett surprised me a few days before my birthday, after an insanely hectic day at work with a “pre-birthday” dinner at our favourite italian restaurant in Calgary, Il Sogno. He had taken me there for an anniversary months early and I had been dying to go back ever since, bugging him to make reservations so we could re-live the experience.

On the day we went, I happened to be running really late from work and was very stressed, so Brett made the suggestion we play the evening by ear, have a glass of wine and then go for a nice dinner rather than cook & suggested we try to get into Il Sogno with our second favourite restaurant as a backup. Unbeknownst to me, Brett had reserved half of the restaurant, weeks in advance and had arranged for a very special surprise upon our arrival.

When we arrived at the restaurant, I immediately came to the conclusion that it was closed, as there was no one in the restaurant and jokingly poked fun at him as to how lucky he was that they were having a “slow evening”, since against my suggestion, he didn’t make a reservation.

Dino, our amazing server let us know there was a private event and led us to an empty upstairs with a beautiful table facing the window, with candles on all the tables. It was even more beautiful than I remembered it from our previous anniversary but nothing stood out to me as strange.

Brett ordered us two glasses of Prosecco to start off dinner as we looked over the menu and chatted about the day. After only a few sips of our champagne, Dino re-appeared and walked behind the large curtains pulling out a huge wrapped present which I immediately concluded must be from my mom (wrong again.)

I opened it to see a beautiful crystal picture frame with my favourite picture of the two of us and was ecstatic. Brett told me there was more, so I lifted the tissue paper to see beautiful matching champagne glasses, the matching ring holder & another picture frame, identical but smaller, with the words “Will you marry me?” printed in gold. My eyes slowly panned from the frame to Brett, who was already beside the table, down on one knee, reaching for my hand….

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