Kaitlyn and Brandyn

Kaitlyn's Proposal in Phuket, Thailand

How We Met

Brandyn and I met 9 years ago during our freshman year at North Carolina State University. We had both been selected for a scholarship and during our small talk we realized we had so much in common, we had several mutual friends, were in the same chemistry class that semester, and even born in raised in the same city.

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Although I found him attractive, he was still in a relationship from high school so I never expected our newfound friendship to move further. A few years later a mutual friend persisted we give things a shot. Ever since our first date we were inseparable.

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how they asked

One morning Brandyn called me to tell me he found a flight deal to Thailand, his dream destination and he had purchased tickets for us. My family was super excited about our vacation, and since we have traveled overseas before I didn’t know why this trip was so special to them. When we arrived to Bangkok, Brandyn was acting very strangely by not letting room service clean our room the entire trip, even though we have valuables in our hotel room before. Even with all the weird quirks I continued to obliviously enjoy the trip. On the last night of the trip, Brandyn planned a romantic sunset dinner overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Phuket.

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After Brandyn got dressed for dinner, he mentioned he needed to go “check on” our reservations. I got ready (in the dark I might add because he accidentally took the room key which controlled the power in the hotel room) until he came to walk me down to the restaurant.

When we arrived to the restaurant our table was so romantic with rose petals and candles everywhere. A photographer walked over to take our picture and Brandyn asked if we could take a few standing up. The moment he stood up and tears welled in his eyes as he looked at me everything made sense and I knew he was about to propose!

I was so happy to finally spend the rest of my life with the man of my dreams!