Kaitlyn and Brad

unnamedHow We Met: Brad and I met through mutual friends in High School. He went to a private Christian High School and I went to a public High School in Fort Smith, AR. We met in the parking lot of Sweet Bay (this cute coffee shop). It was January 10, 2009. I remember the date so clearly because I had had auditions for a ballet that morning. I remembering feeling so embarrassed because I didn’t clean up before! I had no idea I would be meeting my future FIANCE! We then dated for awhile. He went to the University of Arkansas and we split up. We reconnected when we ended up in the same psychology class my freshman year at the University of Arkansas!

how they asked: There is a street about 3 streets away from the condo we live in in Fayetteville, AR. We have been talking for months about how one day we are going to live on this street. There are trees everywhere, but you are still in the middle of town. That Sunday night (August 16th) Brad asked if we wanted to go on a walk. We walk down to Johnston St. and he asks me to walk up and down the street and find the house I want to live in. After we find the house he gives me a big hug and gets down on one knee. I immediately start crying. His speech was perfect and everything I wanted and more.

I had been waiting for this day for so long!

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