Kaitlyn and Aleq

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I knew I was going to propose at the vineyard but I had never been there before, since we’re visiting from Nashville. I had also hired a photographer but had no idea what she looked like. I acted a little silly on the way over to try and get her into a good mood but she said later that my silliness made her a little suspicious. When it came time to propose I was paranoid the photographer wouldn’t be near and almost accidentally proposed in front of a random couple who asked to take our photo because I thought it was our photographer!

Finally when I knew she could see us I said I needed to “tie my shoe” and pulled out the ring. I must have got tongue tied because I completely forgot to say anything until she said: “Well are you going to ask me something?”

Then of course I told her how lost I was before her and how she was the best part of my day every day, and I couldn’t imagine a life or a future without her in it: she saved me. We both got a little teary when she said yes. I’m so lucky to be marrying the woman who brings out the best in me, my best friend, my inspiration and the reason behind my determination.

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