Kaitlon and Brett

How We Met

I had been working for 2 years in South Carolina at a job I despised. I eventually got up the courage and decided I needed a break to figure out my next step, so I quit and moved back home to Alabama. Brett had been at the flight school at Fort Rucker for nearly a year at that point and only had a few months left. I met Brett while on a trip that took me past Rucker. One month later, we were dating. The next day he told me he loved me. Four months after that, he proposed, and the day after we began our journey to his home state of Connecticut.

how they asked

One day before my fiancé graduated from Army flight school, his class had a ball for friends and family. It’s a tradition that each significant other receives a pair of wings from their aviator as a sign of appreciation for helping them get through school. As each graduate placed the necklaces around their spouse’s necks, Brett stepped out in front of me and whispered, “I have a question.” All I could say is, “No you don’t,” thinking he was just trying to play a joke. That thought went away when he got down on one knee. That moment, I got my ring and the next day I pinned his wings.

Our Video

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