Kaitlin and Logan | Engaged at The National Harbor

How We Met: Logan and I have known each other ever since 7th grade in middle school. We actually had Spanish class together, and that’s where we met. Throughout high school, we became best friends, but the timing was never right for us to date. He dated different girls, and I dated different guys. We would always go to each other for relationship advice, and we even went to each other after heartbreaks. Our group of friends was the exact same, so we spent a lot of time together. There was always something between us, but we were never single at the same time. There were times where I thought we would start dating throughout high school, but God had a different plan for us.


We graduated high school, and we were both headed to different schools over 5 hours away from each other. Logan was going into the Corps of Cadets at Virginia Tech (for his Naval Aviation future), and I was going to California University of Pennsylvania ( for a degree in Special and PreK-4 Education), close to Pittsburgh. We continued to talk over the span of our freshman year at college, and when we came home from college for the summer, it was our time. And ever since that time, we have been happier than we have ever been!




how they asked: A few days before Christmas, Logan and I exchanged Christmas presents and his parents gave us tickets to the ICE show at the Gaylord Hotel in the National Harbor on December 27th. His parents invited my parents to join us, but my parents respectfully declined since they knew they were both going to be very tired from Christmas.


The day of the ICE show, Logan wanted to take me to Buffalo Wild Wings before we had to leave to go down to the National Harbor (Little did I know he wanted to take me there before he proposed because this is where we had our first date). I told him I did not feel like eating wings for lunch, so we just ate a home-cooked meal before we left. Originally, we left early because we were going to go ice skating before the show. When we arrived at the National Harbor, Logan had to go to the bathroom, so I decided to go with him. As I was waiting outside the bathroom, I ran into family friends of Logan’s! I thought “Oh my gosh! What a coincidence!” It so happens that their daughter works 15 minutes away from the Harbor, so they decided they were” going to meet her to have dinner down at the harbor” (Again, I did not know that this was all apart of his little plan…) When we walked to the rink from the bathroom, we figured out that the “ice skating rink” was made of plastic. Needless to say we decided not to partake in the plastic skating.

Since we ran into Logan’s family friends, Logan’s mom and his brother “left to get more tickets at the Gaylord.” (What she was really doing was going to scope out a new location for Logan to propose since his original plan was to propose at the ice skating rink.) Logan, Logan’s dad, and I decided to take pictures at the Christmas tree in the National Harbor.


As we were taking pictures, I saw my parents car drove by! I immediately thought, “How cool! My parents decided they were going to come to the ICE show with us!” Never in my wildest dreams did I think that anything was going on because Logan and I talked about waiting to get engaged until the following summer. So eventually we all met up, and we started walking over to the pier by the Gaylord.



My fiancé took me for a walk out to the pier, and by this time the sun was setting and the view over the harbor was breath-taking. All of our family was slightly behind us, but again I still wasn’t thinking that anything was going to happen. We finally got out to the edge of the pier and we were looking out over the National Harbor. Logan’s mom and brother came behind us and stood in my peripheral line of sight so I could not look back towards the Gaylord.

Logan made me look out over the harbor, and then said, “Turn around for a second.”

To my surprise, 8 of our closest friends were holding up a sign saying, “Will You Marry Me?” I instantly burst into tears, and turned around to see Logan down on one knee, which then led to even more tears. Needless to say, I said “YES!”









He did such an amazing job incorporating our friends and family! It was the most perfect proposal I could have ever asked for!