Kaitlin and Will

How We Met

Will and I met our senior year of High School. We went to different schools in different counties, but as fate would have it, I went to a baseball game that he was playing in at the local college. During an intermission at the game, we passed by each other and smiled. My best friend’s mom would always say that she knew the instant she witnessed us smiling at each other; that something special would develop. After some time of texting and seeing each other off and on, Will asked me to be his girlfriend.

Will and I faced many obstacles during our 5 years of dating. We were fortunate enough to spend our first 1 ½ years of college on the same campus, but with him playing baseball and me being on the cheer team we were both super busy! After that first 1 ½ years of college; we were separated by 100 miles during the remainder of our college careers. Then after we both had completed college; we were actually separated by more than 150 miles while he was enrolled in the Police Academy and I was nursing in the Cardiac ICU at a metropolitan hospital. But through it all (including a few relationship breaks and heavy hearts), we somehow always managed to find our ways back to each other! The Lord honestly sent Will to be with me the remainder of my earthly life.

How They Asked

On the day of his proposal to me, Will told me that one of the couples we are close to would be driving down to spend the day with us. He added that one of them had never seen Nance Hill and she really wanted to visit there and take some photos. Nance Hill is a popular local summit that is known for its beautiful terrane and mossy trees with a breathtaking view. We drove out and during our random photo session, he got down on one knee and proposed!

Kaitlin's Proposal in Nance Hill, Newton, MS

When we returned from our little outing, I was surprised to find that our parents had planned a small engagement party. Will knew all along! We enjoyed the evening celebrating with our close family and friends.

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