Kaitlin and Tyson

How We Met

Tyson and I met my freshman year of college through a summer camp hangout. After that day I realized we had a class together, yet we didn’t speak all semester. When my sorority formal came around, I realized I needed a date. Tyson and I still hadn’t hung out much so I asked him if he knew any cool guys that I could take, he ended up inviting himself. He ended up getting sick and not even able to go! He asked me out right before I left for my camp counselor job that summer and the rest is history.

how they asked

I was with Tyson and his family in New York City over Thanksgiving. The day before we were leaving we had plans to meet up with a friend in Central Park at the Bow Bridge. She called and said she was running late, which isn’t like her. When I suggested we sit on a rock, he suggested we go into an alcove located behind the bridge. Set up was a beautiful picnic with pictures of us. After realizing what was actually happening, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. We went around Central Park and took pictures with the photographer that was there then he told me we had lunch reservations. When we arrived at the restaurant, he led me upstairs to a set of double doors. When the doors opened I saw my entire family and best friend that had flown in for the weekend to celebrate. I had absolutely no clue that any of them had flown up and would be there for me! That day I learned that Tyson had had my ring since January and my entire family had been planning this and keeping it a secret since then too.

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