Kaitlin and Trey

How We Met: I was a junior in high school uDIPtOXNand hewas senior when Trey and I met. Our mutual friends asked to set us up on a blind double date.

We were too eager to wait until the date so he got my number and we met in person in the library the morning after we started talking.

We instantly clicked and started dating two days after. All of my friends thought I was crazy and rushing into things but nothing in my life had never been so clear before.

The night he asked me to be his girlfriend was the same night we talked about his passion and love for Zimbabwe, Africa.

This would play a huge part in our story a few years down the road…6 months later he left for college and I stayed back home to finish my senior year of high school.

The next year I joined him in college at The University of Oklahoma where we relearned how to be in the same town again. We were tested but refined and we have grown immensely over the past two and a half years.



how they asked: The summer after my freshman year of college Trey and I went with a team from our hometown to Zimbabwe, Africa. We spent close to two weeks sharing our testimonies, the gospel, and witnessing people literally run to the altar in acceptance of Jesus. We held hands of curious children and laughed with the greatest of company. After our ministry we spent a few days in Victoria Falls in northern Zimbabwe before returning stateside.

IMG_8427It was our second morning at the falls when Trey asked me to go see the sunrise at the lodge. We walked out to the deck that overlooked the beautiful African plain, where we witnessed elephants roaming and drinking water.

He started telling me how he was really happy we got to go to Zimbabwe together and how the past two and a half years with me has changed his life. He said other sweet things that I don’t remember because at this point I see it coming.

He told me he had a question, and asked if I would want to go on adventures with him for the rest of our lives.

When I said yes he got down one on knee and asked, “Kaitlin Rene Quinn, will you marry me?” I cried, we hugged, and the guests on the landing above us eating breakfast started to clap.

We sat for a few minutes talking about what just happened in awe, and shortly after rode a bus to town to shop in the markets where we got wood and stone carvings for our families.

We spend the next 20 hours of plane rides reminding each other that we are actually ENGAGED and started planning our January 2016 wedding!