Kaitlin and Tommy

How We Met: We met 5 years ago aboard the MV Explorer on the greatest abroad program in the world, Semester at Sea. Semester at Sea changed our lives in many ways, but most importantly, we found each other. Incredibly, we both went to Bucknell University, but did not meet until going abroad.

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Following graduation we moved to Sydney, Australia. We have spent the past 3+ years living down under, and chose the beautiful beach town of Manly to call home.

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how they asked: It was very fitting that Tommy Image 4 of Kaitlin and Tommyproposed on one of our favorite Manly walks.

It was like any other morning, waking up early to watch the sunrise with a big chocolate croissant in one hand and a coffee in the other from our local bakery.

But this morning was made extra special when Tommy dropped down on one knee and proposed!

I was COMPLETELY surprised and the happiest girl in the world.

Image 5 of Kaitlin and TommyThe journey of the ring, now that is a different story! Tommy went home in August to design the ring in NY with his dad and brother, I thought he was just homesick as we live halfway across the world in Australia!

On the way to NY, he stopped through LA where my family lives to ask my dad for permission to marry me.

Not only did he ask for my dad for permission, but he also asked my mom and my Aunt Tracy. My cousin passed away at the age of 26 very unexpectedly, my Aunt’s only child, so she is like a second mom to us.

I’m so touched that Tommy included her in such a special moment. That is a testament to the huge heart he Tommy has. As Tommy made his way back to Australia, the ring was finalized in NY and given to the Stoddard family to begin the journey down under! The Stoddards flew the ring to LA, and delivered the ring to my parents over a bottle of champagne and celebrations. My parents then took the ring and boarded a cruise ship, sailing the ring from LA to New Zealand, not a bad way for a diamond to travel…

The ring even got a chance to sit in its own seat on the flight from Auckland to Sydney before secretly slipping into Tommys pocket before the big day! I still can’t believe my parents were in Australia to celebrate the engagement with us! A dream come true.

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