Kaitlin and Sam



how we met

Sam and I met in the fall of 2016. We were out by the pool in my community when he came to visit my friend/neighbor, who happens to be his cousin. We were both in relationships at the time, but after a few months passed we were both single and he asked his cousin for my number. He called me to ask me out to our first of many dinner dates, which was at Fig & Olive on December 9, 2016. Our last first date. We went on dinner dates every night for the next week, and then he drove me to LAX (that’s true love) because I was going back to North Carolina to spend Christmas with my family.

how they asked

Sam cannot keep a secret and he does not like surprises, so the proposal was the absolute shock of my life!! Being together for 2.5 years, and attending weddings together, people were always asking when we would get married. This repeatedly asked question led to only one detail about our eventual engagement, and that was our dog, Dave, being included. Dave travels with us everywhere, so our annual family vacation to Kiawah Island was no different.

Without my knowledge, Sam had been planning with the help of my family and especially my stepmom, Kara, for about a month. He had called my dad, my mom, and my brothers for their permission and blessing. Once he decided that it would happen at Kiawah, the challenge of exactly how began. I love the beach and I rarely get out of a swimsuit when we are at Kiawah, but since they had arranged for professional photographer Yasmin Leonard to capture the proposal, they had to make sure I was dressed. Every year we take nice family photos, so this was the perfect opportunity, and I was unsuspecting since it’s tradition. We went down to the beach where Kara set up her camera on a tripod and as we were posing, Sam turned to me and said “I love you so much” to which I responded “I love you too…” as he was getting down on one knee. I immediately felt like I was going to pass out because I was so surprised, but I managed to say YES and the photos following speak for themselves.

Special Thanks