Kaitlin and Nick

Me and Nick went to high school together so we’ve always knew each for years. Within the last year we started dating and we instantly connected. Fast forward to now…. We lived in Cleveland our whole life and never been to the rock n roll hall of fame. So we went inside looked around for about an hour then we finished the tour of it and were leaving. Walking outside of the hall of fame we walked me over near the lake and said I need to talk to you. He said how he had been lying to me for months and he couldn’t lie anymore. He then got on his knee and said will you marry me? I was in shock ! I was shaking and didn’t respond, then he’s like will you be my wife? Still holding back my tears and not saying a word he says give me your hand and I was finally able to utter the words, WELL OF COURSE I WILL. After that the tears came out and I hugged him as hard as I could

Image 1 of Kaitlin and Nick