Kaitlin and Michael

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How We Met

Michael and I met at West Chester University the summer of 2011. I was going into my junior year of college and he was going into his senior year. Michael was in a fraternity that my sorority was paired with for Greek Week. One night, his fraternity assembled an above ground pool that they playfully called the “bro-cean” and had a pool party to celebrate. Michael jokes as soon as he saw me he asked one of his fraternity brothers about me and was told to “not even try”.

After that night, we quickly became good friends. We would met each other out at the bar with friends, texted frequently, and all around were close friends until the following summer when Michael asked me on a date. My sorority sisters urged me to go out with Michael because they could see how well we complimented each other. After the first date, I knew would marry him.

A few months into dating, Michael moved to Indiana to attend law school. It was three of the hardest years of our lives! We saw each other every 6-8 weeks and FaceTimed nightly for hours. After receiving his law degree, Michael moved back home to New Jersey and we went back to having a normal relationship. All the long distance became worth it on the afternoon of April 9th.

how they asked

A week before the proposal, one of my best friends, Mandee, asked if I would want to go shopping and out to a new restaurant. I asked Michael if he’d mind not spending a lot of time together that weekend. He agreed and said he was going to have a “man weekend” with his best friend which he said involved a lot of golfing.

That morning, Mandee and I scored major deals at Banana Republic followed by a great lunch. On the way home, I said how I was so excited to go home and clean my closet followed by a bubble bath and romantic comedy.

After my morning of shopping and lunch, I headed home to start my spring cleaning. As I walked through the door with my new shopping finds, I noticed rose petals on the floor. Naively, I thought my cat had knocked down flowers that were set on the counter. As I began to turn the corner, I saw Michael in my living room surrounded by candles and looking so handsome in his suit. I was in such shock that the only words I could get out of my mouth during the whole thing was “shut up!” It was literally the best moment of my life and the most romantic and perfect proposal.

Shortly after saying yes, we were joined by our families where we celebrated by sharing our proposal video with them. Michael even planned a delicious dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant with lots of margaritas, laughter, and love.

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