Kaitlin and Michael

Image 1 of Kaitlin and Michael

How We Met

Kaitlin and Michael met in the fall of 2015 through Kaitlin’s roommate, Kate. Michael and Kate had met years prior at the church they both attended. One day Kate saw a picture Michael had posted of the view from his new apartment and realized the view was the same as hers. She reached out to him to confirm they lived at the same place and casually mentioned she had a very cool and very single roommate. Michael swears that he knew who Kaitlin was because he had asked about her after seeing her serve at church (Kaitlin doesn’t know if she believes this). Anyway, Michael starting coming down to “hang out” with Kate and her roommate. Kaitlin saw her friendship with her neighbor as an opportunity to get some house work done like hanging up her curtains. One night when Michael was hanging out, Kate conveniently had to go to bed early. She left Kaitlin and Michael alone in the living room together. At this time, Michael had just gotten his first job out of physical therapy school and Kaitlin mentioned he needed to do something special with his first pay check. He then nonchalantly asked her on a date. They got tacos and a margarita at Tacqueria del Sol and then went Christmas tree shopping. It was the first time Kaitlin had ever been to Walmart on a first date. They quickly started hanging out more often and introducing each other to their friends and everything clicked. A little over a month after their first date Michael smoothly asked Kaitlin what he should call Kaitlin to his mom. Kaitlin sheepishly said “I guess you could tell her I’m your girlfriend.”

how they asked

At the start of 2017, Kaitlin had a hunch that a ring was in her near future. She didn’t know the time or date but she could feel it was coming. Michael had two of her best friends, Rachel and Lindsey, involved in the top secret plan. On 2/4/2017 Michael devised a plan to have Lindsey pick up Kaitlin at her apartment for a Saturday morning of a manicure and brunch. After the nail salon, Lindsey told Kaitlin they were going somewhere special for brunch and ended up driving to the Lindbergh Marta Station. Lindsey parked right outside of the parking deck where Kaitlin and Michael used to go to the top and look at the the skyline of Atlanta. Lindsey started nervously laughing and then said “I lied about brunch” as she reached for the glove compartment. She then handed Kaitlin a handwritten note from Michael and told her to go to the top of the parking deck. After a few seconds of Kaitlin freaking out and asking to go home, she got out of the car, walked up the steps of the deck, and saw Michael waiting for her at the top. Neither Kaitlin nor Michael have a clue what words they exchanged during that moment, but Kaitlin had a beautiful diamond on her finger afterwards. Rachel then walked out with a camera in hand and Lindsey also joined in a mini celebration of the engagement. Kaitlin and Michael couldn’t have asked for a more perfect moment as that one. The night ended with a wonderful dinner with both of their families enjoying each other’s company.