Kaitlin and Jonathon


How We Met

Our story sounds a little crazy. We grew up in the same small town until we graduated high school. We never met because I went to a private school and he went to the public school nearby. We even attended college together, while having mutual friends, and still never met.

It wasn’t until my graduation day that Jonathon gathered the nerve to speak to me, “Congrats.” Then he walked away. I remember thinking “wow, that gorgeous guy just said hi to me, and now he’s walking away.” That evening, I had a message on social media from Jonathon congratulating me (again) and the rest led into a magical summer that we spent in the hometown that we shared, only 3 miles apart.

He found out immediately that I would be moving to Memphis for optometry school in 3 short months and that we had a small amount of time to determine our relationship. There was never a question that we would spend the next three years following each other back and forth.
The whole time I was praying that we would follow each other for the rest of our lives. Our long distance relationship grew us as individuals and taught us patience and grace. Although it was challenging to be apart for so long, we are now better prepared to start our life together (in the same state, finally!!).

how they asked

My whole family was in town for a wedding. Few things make me happier than having everyone together in the same place. I was put in charge of throwing a dinner for all the cousins in town and we met at a seafood restaurant in Fayetteville.

Jonathon works two hours away and was running very late, so I had given up on him joining us. One of my best friends knew I was in town and asked if she could come by and see me at the restaurant. When we were done eating she suggested we all go to the town square to look at the lights (although Christmas was still two months away).


Side note: if you know me at all, you know I LOVE twinkly lights. I texted Jonathon and told him where he could meet us and when I got there all the lights were off. I got out of the car and was like, “well, this was a waste of time!” He took my hand and walked me to a dark area of the square.

When that handsome man hit his knee, all of the beautiful Christmas lights came on! What he said is kind of fuzzy in my mind, but I know that it was the easiest yes I have ever given.


When I finally stopped hugging and kissing him, I turned around to find my family and closest friends cheering us on.


That’s when the tears officially started.


Most of them had been hiding behind bushes, in the cold, waiting for me to show up. We all went inside an event venue nearby to pop champagne and celebrate!


It was truly the most magical night of my life.


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