Kaitlin and Jeremy


How We Met

Jeremy and I met our freshman year of college at Millersville University. I was a cross country/track and field athlete and Jeremy was a baseball player at Millersville. We met on April 17th.

Prior to meeting I had people coming up to me asking if I was interested in any baseball players, but I didn’t know any and I thought it was pretty weird the amount of times I was asked.

I eventually found out a boy names ‘Jeremy’ really liked me! I was walking home from a class one night (keep in mind this was NIGHT time).. And a car pulled up beside me and these boys (who I knew were baseball players) kept asking me if I liked Jeremy.. After this happened, I thought, wow this kid is pretty desperate.


The next day I came home from Track practice, got a shower, and put on the biggest clothes I could find to keep warm! I made a big bowl of popcorn and I hear a knock at the door. I immediately think ‘oh, it is probably one of my roommate’s boyfriends.

I open the door (in my horrible outfit, drenched hair, and popcorn filled mouth) and I am looking right at some handsome man. He introduced himself as Jeremy and he was just coming to introduce himself. The first thing I said was “oh god, I look horrible.”

He told me I looked fine. Conversation went on and I found out he saw me in a class that we were both in 4 months prior (he changed classes so I had never even noticed).  There was never anyone who ever made me smile like that and I knew then that I would love him, but I wasn’t going to admit that then.

A couple weeks went by and I could swear I was in a dream and then all of a sudden dreams came a reality when Jeremy confided in me that he had a child. I loved the idea, but then I found out the baby was a newborn. I couldn’t wrap my head around anything.

That summer was rough, we didn’t talk much, and it truly ripped me apart. I knew I loved him and everything about him. When school started, we wanted nothing to do with each other (or we pretended). We did some stupid things and eventually we spoke and went on a date on September 23, 2013. Jeremy asked me to be his girlfriend on September 24.

My relationship with his son is nothing like I’d ever imagine it would be. I never thought I could love something so much in every way possible. Not only that, I have an amazing relationship with the child’s mother and I would never want to change that.

how they asked

The proposal, let me tell you, I feel bad for Jeremy because I know that was not easy. Keeping it from me was impossible. I figured out where, when , and how the first time that he was going to propose. I also figured out the new idea, but not the date.

The last idea, was absolutely perfect. March 20, 2016, I woke up thinking Jeremy was taking my friends and I to breakfast. Now, it is the first day of spring and it was about 35 degrees out. I was 100% for wearing sweatpants and a big t-shirt, but my friends thought it would be funny to wear sundresses in the freezing cold.

Eventually time went by, and I heard the door bell and all I could think was ‘why is he ringing the door bell?’ I am standing at the top of the steps, I look down through the window and think ‘ why is he sitting on the ground?’

As I walked down the stairs I feel a sudden rush or excitement and when I open the door all I could do was scream and cry. He never got up and I couldn’t figure out why, but it was because I never said ‘YES!’ But he knew by my expression and to this day I still never have said yes! Hehe.


Jeremy proposed to me where we first originally met! It was not the same house, but he reenacted how he came to my door and he put a sign up with the original house number. Jeremy had every detail planned out. The timing, photographers, flowers, props, etc.

He made a joke and gave me Easter eggs because a few years back I happened to egg his house and it was funny since everyone had someone to blame. They never guessed me. My favorite part of all was that Jeremy had my amazing sister involved who I love so much!

Later, Jeremy took me to the original proposal spot, which was a hiking spot in the woods. Then he surprised me meeting our families and my soon to be step-son out to dinner! They surprised us with presents and many goodies! We could not love them all any more than we already do!



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