Kaitlin and Jacob

how we met

Jacob and I had been dating for nearly six years and we had talked about marriage, engagements, and rings, so I knew this day would eventually come for us. The week leading up to the proposal, Jacob was acting nothing like himself; uptight, nervous and anxious. I didn’t really think anything of it, other than it was the holidays and there was a lot going on.

It was a weekend full of holiday parties, or so I thought. On Friday night we attended my work’s holiday party, and we ended the night with Jacob carrying me to the Uber because my shoes were so uncomfortable I could barely walk (which completely encompasses how he is in everyday life and just how lucky I am). Saturday morning started out just as a normal Saturday, however Jacob’s unusual behavior was gone. He was calm, cool, and collected, just as he usually is. I was going to a friend’s holiday party and he told me he had a work holiday party, which I again, thought nothing about (tis the season!). Before he left he turned on some music, and we had the greatest dance party we have ever had, some slow dances and some freestyle. It was perfect. Looking back now, I will cherish that moment forever because it was the last moment we had as boyfriend and girlfriend.

how they asked

Once he left, my friend came over and we got ready at my house. We got in her car and she drove me to the Dallas Arboretum. When I walked up, I saw Jacob standing there waiting for me with the view of the lake in front of us. At this point I was bawling. We walked for a ways and he talked about our past and our future and then asked me to marry him! Once I was able to get the word “YES!” out of my mouth, I saw behind him all of my family and all of his. The rest of the day was spent taking pictures at the arboretum and later that evening we went to dinner at our favorite restaurant.

I have been daydreaming about this since I was a little girl, and that moment was better than anything I could have ever imagined. I have never felt as loved as I did on that day. It was absolutely perfect.

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