Kaitlin and Carter

Kaitlin's Proposal in At my (bride’s) family’s camp back home in Maine

How We Met

Carter and I have known each other since attending the University of Maine together – about 6 years ago now. We grew with one another during a very tremulous time in a young person life. We were figuring out who we were and who we wanted to be as we headed out into the real world. I was a rising senior and he an incoming freshman. Too many of our friends and family, it seemed like one of those relationships that were doomed to not last due to our short time together – but somehow we made it work. We moved away from home after he graduated to pursue our adult careers and it really brought us closer being so far from our friends and family with only each other to rely on. I hadn’t had a chance to make it back home in almost 2 years due to my work schedule at the hospital so we finally were able to plan a trip home for Labor Day. We had plans to see everyone and do all the Maine things we missed and had the added bonus of my grandparents being there from Georgia.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in At my (bride’s) family’s camp back home in Maine

Sure enough not even a few hours into being home my grandparents started rounding on us about getting hitched. Everyone’s been doing this for the last 2 years (pretty much since we moved away from home together). I rolled my eyes jestingly and told them that was something they would have to take up with him. Little did they (as well as me) know that about 3 months prior to this trip Carter had purchased the engagement ring and told my family and his family about his plans for when we finally made it home.

How They Asked

We were slated to go up to my family’s camp up north – a meaningful place to my family as we spent many summers here and is where my mom’s mother passed away suddenly and left a big piece missing in our family. You can really feel her maternal spirit there and it brings my mom great comfort. I think carter knew it was a special place for my family as well as myself and decided that that’s where he would propose. It was easy enough to round up the important family members and bring them up without me knowing (my father had already extended an invite to Carter’s mother and brother to come up to camp a few days beforehand so I was expecting them to be there). All he had to do was sneak his father and grandparents up while I was preoccupied. My best friend made the trip up as well and helped distract me much of that morning while everyone set things up without me noticing.

The weather wasn’t the best – it ruined much of his romantic plans for a boat ride to nearby Mt Kineo as well as the photos we had planned to take (his mom is an amateur photographer – and happened to take all the ones submitted here). That was his way of making sure I was properly dressed for “photos” – which I had tried to tell him I wanted if he was ever to do it. So naturally, I was not all dolled up thinking we weren’t doing the photos due to the rain. I also was unable to secure a nail appointment before I came home much to his dismay and efforts to set one up for me. We don’t always have the best of luck.

I had gone upstairs to change and hurried downstairs after hearing my mom calling me for help in the kitchen. When I got down to the bottom landing Carter was there and took my phone out of my hands and led me into the kitchen. I saw all the flowers that had been snuck in and all our closest friends and family surrounding us. I instantly knew what was up and (I’m not someone who cries often) tears began to well up because I knew it was FINALLY happening. He brought me to the middle of the kitchen with everyone watching and launched into this wonderful speech about how much he valued our life together and how long we had been doing everything we could to support and love one another and stated that he couldn’t wait any longer not making things the way that he wanted them to be. He got down on one knee – tears filling his eyes and popped the question. I couldn’t even hesitate and immediately said yes and jumped into his arms and started crying myself.

At the end of the day, it was all so perfectly imperfect – just like our lives together. I had all these grand ideas about how I wanted to be proposed to and they all went right out the window the minute I realized I had already found the One I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. When you know, you just know and it doesn’t matter anymore how it’s done. Sometimes less is more and the only things you need are loved ones surrounding you wanting nothing but happiness for you. It felt like such a dream and I couldn’t be happier that it happened.

Where to Propose in At my (bride’s) family’s camp back home in Maine

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