Kaitlin and Brad

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How We Met

A month before I met Brad, I had sworn off dating. It was after several terrible dates. I’m talking terrible, like the kind of date you have to fake sick to get out of. I wanted so badly to find my soul mate and it wasn’t happening. A girl’s night, and a bottle of wine later I was convinced by my girlfriends to download Tinder. After about a thousand swipes through Tinder (I’m surprised I don’t have carpal tunnel) I came across Brad. His handsome face and kind charming smile immediately gave me butterflies, and I knew in my gut something was different about him. Nervously, I swiped right, hoping he had done the same. It was a match! Somehow I was already crazy about him and I hadn’t even met him yet.

He immediately reached out and we began talking. It was just small talk at first, but quickly progressed into something much bigger. He was traveling for work for the next two weeks, so we couldn’t schedule a date until he got back into town. We went from texting, to talking on the phone within a few days. The first time I heard his voice over the phone I melted. It was like I had known him my whole life, and I felt so comfortable. The first time we used Facetimed I knew he was the one. We would talk every night until the early hours of the morning. I was running on a few hours of sleep for two weeks straight, but I was so deliriously crazy happy I didn’t even notice. I felt like I was in my own fairy tale.

Finally after a long two weeks, Brad was back in town. We immediately scheduled a date for the next night. My workday dragged on and on that day, our date couldn’t come quick enough. I felt like a giddy schoolgirl. Finally, it was time to meet Brad. I drove to his house to meet him for a glass of wine before we went to dinner. I rang the doorbell and when he opened the door I think my heart skipped a few beats. Lets just say our date was beyond perfect, my cheeks hurt for at least a day from smiling so much. From that night on we both knew that this was it, we were soul mates. We’ve been inseparable ever since!

how they asked

I’m already blubbering like a baby thinking about the proposal but here we go!

It felt like just another Saturday, I had an appointment to get my hair done. Brad asked me to move the appointment to an earlier time so we could enjoy the rest of the day. I thought nothing of it. One of our friends invited us to go wine tasting in Napa with a group of our friends. When I got home from my hair appointment I was hesitant because I had been up since 5 am. I was exhausted, we were leaving for a vacation in Cancun the next morning and I hadn’t packed. Brad reiterated our friends were already going so I couldn’t get out of it.

The car ride was longer then usual, we hit a lot of traffic. When we got to the vineyard we all headed to the tasting area where we were told we could only do a tasting if we had a reservation. What I didn’t notice was Brad talking to the manager. He had already arranged a tasting, made a reservation, and told the winery he was proposing that day. The manager brought us all a glass of champagne. I thought he was just being nice but I didn’t know what was about to happen!

We grabbed our glasses of champagne and took a walk around Iron Horse’s beautiful vineyards. We walked around the winery for a bit, and then headed up to take some photos in front of our favorite barn door. We had previously taken photos there on one of our first dates. All our friends took photos together, then Brad said “now its our turn”. We took a couple photos and I assumed we were done until Brad said “Babe, look over there!” Typical me, I started walking away to investigate. I hear Brad say “Babe no, come back, come here!” As soon as I turned around I saw him with the ring box in his hand. I immediately let out a huge gasp. I remember thinking, is this happening? That’s a box! Oh my god! That’s a RING box! He’s dropping to a knee!

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This is really happening! HE’S PROPOSING!

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He then proceeded to ask me to marry him, and of course I said YES. The tears came immediately after and I jumped into his arms.

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I was so excited I forgot to even look at the ring. I remember him saying “Don’t you want to see the ring?” It is the most beautiful ring, and it symbolizes our forever, which makes it even more special.

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Brad pointed off into the distance and I then saw his family walking over. They had been hiding out waiting to celebrate with us! Needless to say, this was by far the best day of my life. I can’t wait to see what our future holds!

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