Kaitlin and Bledi

how we met

Bledi and I met in the spring of 2012 while working together at the famed Sea Captain’s House restaurant in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Bledi, who moved to the United States from Eastern Europe in 1999, had recently graduated from Coastal Carolina University. I was preparing for my freshman year at the University of South Carolina. After several months of shared slices of pecan pie, a work opportunity moved Bledi to Washington DC. We managed to keep in touch despite being hundreds of miles apart, often FaceTiming or chatting on the phone for several hours a day. After dating long distance for the better part of four years, we finally took up residence in the same zip code when I received a job offer in Charleston, SC. In 2017, we bought their first home together in Mt Pleasant, SC where we currently reside with our cat and dog, Rex and Sullivan.

how they asked

Bledi proposed in Ashville, NC in May of 2017. He coordinated it to where both of our families were watching from the bushes out of my line of sight. I think I blacked out during part of it but I do specifically remember him including a bit about legitimizing our “fur children” Sulli and Rex which made me laugh hysterically.

Special Thanks

Amy Bone Photography
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