Kaitlin and Anthony

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We had been dating for 6 years and had just celebrated our anniversary a few weeks earlier. My mom and Cousin had planned to go on our boat a few days earlier but the weather was looking iffy. That morning my fiancé suggested we still go and I’m so happy we did! I was so surprised I was completely knocked off my feet (literally!).

When the boat arrived to Port Washington after the proposal all of our families were waiting to celebrate with us. Later that day he said he had two more surprises for me ( as if this wasn’t enough!).

Where to Propose in On a boat in the Long Island sound in between Bayside, Queens and City Island

When we got home that afternoon to pictures he had printed of him going to my fathers gravestone to ask his permission with my mother and sister. After our emotional private moment we got to have with my father, he told me to get dolled up we are going to the bar we met at. When we arrived at the bar all of my friends from near and far were there ready to party with us. The day could not have been more perfect, every detail planned by him which made it even more special.

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