Kait and Steve

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Long Branch, NJ

How We Met

Steve and I went to college together and shared many mutual friends. One night in 2012 we were at our friend’s house preparing to go to a concert. In the commotion of it all, I had finally convinced one of my friends to come with us, so I was in a desperate search for a computer so I could print her ticket before everyone left. Our friend who was hosting introduced me to Steve who was the only person who had a printer. I got the ticket, thanked him and we went separate ways – but fate had a different plan for us. At the end of the concert, we were all waiting around to get cabs in the freezing cold because our scheduled cab never showed up. I looked over to my left and Steve happened to be there. He came over, took the shirt off his back and told me to wear it so I wouldn’t get sick. The rest is history…


Proposal Ideas Long Branch, NJ

How They Asked

A few weeks before the big day, a mutual friend invited us to an “End of the Summer” BBQ at his beach house. Since it was a far drive, Steve thought it was a good idea to get a hotel the night before by were we went to college so we could reminisce. The planner that I am, planned a handful of things to do but my top request was to see Sunrise since I’ve been begging him to do that since 2012! He said if we were both awake, we could do it. I naturally set my alarm but luckily the hotel was loud due to a wedding, so we didn’t sleep much anyway. At 6am, I dragged him out of our room and onto the beach. We walked on the sand for a bit of time and as the sun began creeping up, he proposed. I was in shock; I didn’t know what to do except say YES!! I then got a glimpse of the photographer who went unnoticed and was able to capture the entire moment. I immediately decided we had to go see our parents to celebrate! As we pulled up to Steve’s parent’s house, 80 of our closest family and friends were all outside waiting our arrival. Turns out he was busy planning our engagement party (with the help of our friends and parents)! We spent the rest of the day into the night celebrating. I couldn’t have pictured a more incredible start to the next chapter in our love story!

Special Thanks

Edward Anastasio
 | Photographer