Kait and Matt

How We Met

My (Kaitlyn) cousin married his best friend. They thought hmm these two would be perfect together! We were both apprehensive about it and kind of shrugged it off. Flash forward to his best friends birthday. We were both invited to the party and were introduced. Matthew told me I smelled good, must be wearing some good deodorant. Then proceeded to microwave a hamburger WITH the bun. I flew off to Portugal the next week but when I came back we had formally hung out at a haunted trail, where matt left me alone in the dark haunted house walking into a wall. The next day we went go cart racing, he t-boned me into a wall. I loved everything about those two days and when he asked me on a date I didn’t hesitate to say yes. When I showed up at his house that night I walked in to my favorite movie ready to hit play on the tv, my favorite buffalo chicken pizza on the table, and a Kit Kat for dessert. I had my last first kiss that night.

How They Asked

It’s was kinda not planned all that well. I just hoped it would just come together. The day of the proposal I could not get her father alone to ask his permission. He skipped the morning event when it was just be “the guys” and later in the day benfica was on and for those of you who are not portuguese, soccer is a religion. Luckily 5 minutes before I knelt down I was able to get it out and he said yes… probably just to shut me up so he could finish the game. She ended up being surprised and taking the ring without answering. I’m still not sure what her answer to the question is.


Special Thanks

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