Kait and James

Image 1 of Kait and JamesHow We Met: Some friends and I had completed a mud marathon earlier that day, then they decided to go out for some drinks after. The driver somehow accidentally ended up taking us to the wrong bar, but we figured we would check it out anyway. The entire night I was trying to get my friend to leave with me because I was tired, had mud on me, and was not feeling up to being out at all. Near the end of the night, a fight broke out on the dance floor. People were shoving each other and somehow I literally bumped into James. He was doing a course at a military base outside of town for the summer. He lived 6 hours away and was leaving in a few days. We were together every day until James left. A couple months later, I quit my job, packed my car and moved with him. People thought I was crazy, but I just knew he was the man I was going to spend my life beside.

how they asked: We always thought Valentine’s Day was silly since we show our love every day. It was the coldest night of winter, but we decided to bundle up and go skating. After a few laps, we were nearly frozen. As we were about to leave, James slipped on the ice. I offered a hand to help him up but he wouldn’t take it. He began to ask me if I realized how much I meant to him and asked if I knew that he wanted to spend his life beside me. He continued to tell me that he would never do me wrong as long as he lives, and would do anything to make me smile. Confused, I continued to try and help him up, not even realizing he was down on one knee. He then fumbled in his pocket and pulled out a black box, and proceeded to ask me to be his wife.

Image 2 of Kait and James

Image 3 of Kait and James