Kait and Greg

Image 1 of Kait and Greg

How We Met

Greg and I met on a dating app called Hinge! Happy to share that I made the first move or better yet, DM.

How They Asked

It was a proposal I’ve always dreamed of! I had a bunch of friends staying at my house for the Fourth of July weekend and the first activity we wanted to do was go to a vineyard. Since we had a large group Greg had asked if he could drive me separately in his car. As we were driving, Greg asked if I could play his playlist that he made for the weekend.

Image 3 of Kait and Greg

To my surprise, there was only one song on the playlist “Big Big Plans” by Chris Lane. As the song played and we were driving to a mysterious location, Greg reminisced on our two and a half years together.

Image 4 of Kait and Greg

We then pulled into one of my favorite vineyards (separate from my friends) where Greg walked me to this tree where I had always said I wanted to be proposed to or married under. My favorite bottle of champagne and glasses greeted us at the tree and then Greg proposed! I tearfully said yes and then we went to celebrate with all of our friends at the originally planned vineyard. Best weekend ever!

Image 2 of Kait and Greg